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Effective, economical and reliable small forest machine for demanding harvesting

Jarcrac machines are perfect for use in young forests all around the year. The specially designed tracks don’t damage the soil or the roots of the trees.

Thanks to the new bogie structure and the high ground clearance, even more capable than the earlier series, especially in difficult terrain conditions. The chassis construction and the shape of the tracks enable difficult obstacles, such as deep ditches.

The benefits of the new construction are particularly evident on soft terrains. On the other hand, the newly designed tracks with metal shoes are wear resistant and enable driving in hard or even stony terrain.

Jarcrac logo


Jarcrac logo

The Jarcrac Evopro and Dual models are based on the same basic design. The machine is powered by a Perkins common rail diesel engine that fulfils the latest emission directives.

More than 4 meters long load space, provided with four removals stokes in each side, and a extra part to lengthen the load space make of the new Jarcrac models a versatile machine not only for harvesting (Dual) but for forwarding too. Evopro is equipped with a Kesla 202T crane and Walvoil steering hydraulics.

The working pump in Dual is proportionately larger for a greater oil demand of the harvester head. Nisula 325H is provided with a basic Dual but other models are also possible e.g. AM300 or Keto Forst.

Magnapro is an 8-wheel version of the machine. Wheel size is 400/60 - 15.50 or optionally 500/60 - 15.50. Tracks and chains are available for the Magnapro as an option.




The cabin of the new Jarcrac models has a completely new design. All windows are larger than before, and the curved rear window enables seeing tree tops during harvesting.

The cabin is now better protected against shocks, noise and temperature variations, and features a tipping mechanism for easier service operations underneath the cabin.

Advance and acceleration pedals of the have been eliminated and replaced by an extra function of the joystick.

The cabin is ROPS, OPS and FOPS tested which means that it protects the driver in the case of a rollover ( ROPS ), from an falling object (FOPS) and from an object that is entering the driver’s area from any direction (OPS).

Jarcrac logo


Jarcrac logo

Jarcrac can be equipped with several optional accessories, for instance 4 track locks, a diesel fueled additional heater and air conditioning.

Evopro can be equipped with more powerful pump if harvesting head is about to be used. Crane control can be upgraded with joysticks.




Engine: Perkins 2,2 l turbo, 50 kW/67 hv
Accelerator: Electric
Fuel tank capacity: 70l

Electric system: 12v
Alternator: 80 A
Battery: 100 Ah

Power transmission & hydraulics:
Drive pumps: 2x28 cm3 (Pondioli&Pavesi)
Drive motors: 4x250/500 cm3 (Poclain)
Crane/steering/harvesting head: 28 cm3 / 73 cc, 195 bar (Pondioli&Pavesi)
Oil cooler: Electric

Crane: Kesla 202T (6,15 m), Movi P30 (5,70 m), P30T (6,7 m)
Harvesting head options ( Dual ): Keto Forst or Nisula 325H
Air conditioning: Autoclima

Dimensions & weight:
Length: 760 cm, width: 195 cm and height: 295 cm
Weight: approx. 4 800 kg
Load measurements: 360 cm x 159 cm
Front gate: 1,8m2
Ground clearance: 58 cm
Load carrying capacity: 5 000 kg
Drive speed: Two speed ranges: 0-6 km/h and 0-12 km/h

Chassis and tracks:
Bogie type: Rocking bogies
Track width: 52cm
Track materials: Reinforced rubber, with steel shoes.
Frame lock: Automatic

Four track locks: Optional
Eberspächer: Optional
Radio: Sony Mp3 player, USB Bluetooth