Jarcrac Evopro

Forwarder with tracks and a very low ground pressure, perfect for use in young forests all around the year. The Jarcrac Evopro shows its true strength in particularly soft terrain thanks to its low weight and large tracks. On the other hand, the tracks with steel shoes are durable even in rocky terrain and the stability of the machine is good despite the compact dimensions. The load capaci-ty is 5000 kg and the ground pressure with full load is only 0,21 kg/cm² (3 PSI).

The standard crane for the Evopro is Palms 4.71 and the machine comes with Parker steering hydraulics. The load space includes a foldable 80 cm extension which can be folded in to ease transportation.

The safety cabin is ROPS, OPS and FOPS -certified, which means that it protects the driver in the case of a rollover (ROPS), from a falling object (FOPS) and from an object that is entering the driver’s area from any direction (OPS).