economical, and

small forest machine for
demanding forestry.

Jarcrac forest machines

Jarcrac forest machines are perfect for use in young forests all around the year. Working with the machine doesn’t require skid roads and due to the low ground pressure, the machine doesn’t damage the soil or tree roots. This helps the machine in being very forest friendly.

Thanks to the swinging bogie structure, low centre of gravity and high ground clearance, the machine is capable of operating in difficult conditions, such as crossing deep ditches.

The components come from widely known brands, so spare parts are easily available everywhere.


Simple and sturdy machine design combined with the use of a fully hydrostatic transmission make up for reliable machines that are easy to maintain with very low running costs compared to heavier forest machines.

The service spots are easily accessible, and maintenance itself doesn’t take up a lot of time, because there are no needlessly complicated components

The cabin

The cabin is ROPS, OPS and FOPS -certified, which means that it protects the driver in the case of a rollover (ROPS), from a falling object (FOPS) and from an object that is entering the driver’s area from any direction (OPS). The glass surface area is high, and the curved rear window gives the operator good visibility high up, which is beneficial especially during harvesting.

There are lots of accessories available for many uses.


For every terrain.

Dual machines

2 machines in 1.


Lightweight machines for thinnings.

Multipurpose machines

For versatile needs.