Jarcrac Multi

The Jarcrac Multi is a 2-tracked work machine suitable for a wide range of applications. The Jarcrac Multi is ideal for difficult terrain such as swamps, deep snow, and ditched areas. Thanks to the long tracks and the swinging bogies inside them, working is smooth even in the most diffi-cult conditions.

The equipment options of the Jarcrac Multi are very versatile. It can be equipped with, for exam-ple, a power take-off, a load space and a three-point linkage, which enables almost all devices that utilize a category 2 three-point linkage.

If desired, the Jarcrac Multi can also be equipped with a forest trailer and a crane, so that it can be used as a forwarder. The load capacity of the forest trailer is 4000 kg, and the crane is Palms 5.40 with a reach of 5.4 m.

This type of a machine has received very positive feedback from electricity, travel, and mining companies. Uses have included providing sleigh rides for tourists, snow grooming, making ski trails, and transporting equipment in challenging terrain.