Jarcrac Magnapro Eco

Harvester with 8 wheels and a very low ground pressure, perfect for use in young forests all around the year. The machine’s ground pressure is only 0,27 kg/cm² (3,9 PSI). Stability of the machine is good despite the compact dimensions and using the harvesting head is efficient and effortless. The Jarcrac Magnapro Eco comes standard with a Mowi P50 low pilar crane, which has a 6,5 m reach.

The harvesting head options are: Keto-Forst Xtreme V2, Log Max 2000t, Nisula 325H or 425H.

The safety cabin is ROPS, OPS and FOPS -certified, which means that it protects the driver in the case of a rollover (ROPS), from a falling object (FOPS) and from an object that is entering the driver’s area from any direction (OPS).